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Window Replacement and Installation

Home Value Restoration is the window replacement expert, serving Denver, Lakewood, Aurora, Glendale, Broomfield, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding area.  We bring professional service and integrity to every job. We use products from trusted companies including Alside Siding and Windows, Andersen Windows, and Marvin Windows. We are 100% dedicated to finding the best match for your property and budget.

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How do I know when to replace my windows?

Beautiful Windows in HomeIf your home or property is over 20 years old with the original windows it is typically time for an upgrade. However there are other signs and reasons why replacing your windows is ideal.


Replacing old windows can reduce high energy bills. If you can feel cooler air when standing next to your windows in the winter, this a sign you may need to replace your windows. The warm air from your furnace is cooled around windows that are not doing their job to protect you from the natural elements outside. This causes your furnace to work harder to maintain the heat within the house, wasting energy and money.

Windows in extremely poor condition may even have gaps around the window frame, through which light can be seen, and through which air can flow. One easy way to check and see if air is seeping through your windows is to take a lit candle or a lit piece of incense and carefully move it around the framework of the window to see if the flame of the candle is blown out, or the smoke from the incense catches a draft.


Opening a window should be easy. If it is difficult to open or close your windows, it's time to replace them. Wooden windows are notorious for this. Windows that are swollen shut, or require force to move are ready for replacement. Opening a window should not be an exercise routine.


Rotting window frames can be a safety hazard. Wooden window frames that have been through years of exposure to sun, rain, snow and other natural elements are at high risk of rot and decay. If you notice that your window frames are rotting away, they need to be replaced as soon as possible.


Energy efficient windows can absorb sound before it enters your house. Can you hear every little thing that's going on outside? Replacing old windows with newer, more energy efficient windows can bring a peaceful calm to your space.


New windows boost property value and curb appeal. The style of your windows can define the character of your house. With a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from, a well placed window can give your home a modern edge, a rustic flair, or whatever style you wish to incorporate into your space.


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