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Siding is the first line of defense against moisture and other natural elements that can seriously damage your home or property, costing you thousands of dollars in structural repairs if left unattended.  If your property has been impacted by a storm, it is important to replace damaged siding to prevent the growth of mildew, mold and rot which can jeopardize the structural integrity that you rely on. If your siding has storm damage or is old and worn, it can also effect the energy efficiency of your home or property, leading to steep heating and cooling bills. Home Value Restoration has nearly 20 years of experience serving the greater Denver area as well as Colorado Springs, and guarantees to find the best siding options for your needs and budget.

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How do I know I need new exterior siding?

Home SidingProlonging the replacement of old siding is a risk that could come at a high cost. The best way to insure the safety and efficiency of your property is to replace siding that shows these signs:

  • Hail damage
  • Rot
  • Cracks
  • Gaps
  • Bulging or warped panels
  • Wildlife damage (from birds and other animals)
  • Frequent need of paint
  • Extreme color fading

Other telltale signs that your siding needs to be replaced include interior wall problems, interior mold or mildew, and high energy bills. If you you think you may need new siding, contact us for a FREE ESTIMATE/PROPERTY INSPECTION. Our mission is to provide you with quality, value, and service of true integrity.

Home Value Restoration gives you quality assurance that your property will sustain lasting protection by using siding products from trusted suppliers including Mastic Home Exteriors, James Hardie Siding, Arrowhead/EDCO Steel Siding, and Alside Siding and Windows. 

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