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Gutter Repair Services

Gutter Installation and Replacement Services.

Gutters are an important line of defense against water entering your home. A well-founded roof keeps water from dripping down directly into your space, but that water needs a place to go, and gutters route storm water away from from your windows, doors, exterior walls, and foundation. With water damage being one of the most common problems that property owners encounter, gutter replacement and maintenance is not to be overlooked. Home Value Restoration serves Denver, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding area, providing you with quality products and installation at a great value. We bring integrity to every job.

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How do I know I need new gutters?

Gutter Installation Services

Gutters are made to withstand decades, and often do. However, natural elements like a fallen tree branch or extremely heavy storms can harm gutters and prevent them from functioning properly. Sometimes we may not realize a gutter needs to be replaced until we look for certain signs.

Cracks or splits in your gutters mean that water is not being directed away from your home. Small cracks or splits left unattended can become large cracks, furthering the damage not only to the gutter itself, but to the facia boards behind the gutter, the shingles above, and the foundation below.

Broken Fasteners along multiple points of your gutters need to be replaced. The fasteners keep the gutters attached to the house, and often can be replaced and the problem is solved. However, if several fasteners continue to fail and need replacement, the problem could lie within the gutters themselves.

Seam stress, at the intersection of where two gutters are linked together are common places for water to slip through, as well as the site of possible complete gutter separation. Sometimes this can be fixed, but some property owners opt to replace their old gutters for new seamless gutters, ensuring that seam stress if not a problem they will have to deal with in the future.

Peeling or rust on or around the gutters means that water is getting through where it shouldn't.

Sagging gutters can be a sign that water may be pooling up along certain points of your gutter run and may even allow water to overflow from the gutter during intense rain. Sometimes this can be easily remedied, but if a tree branch has fallen on your gutter and bent it out of shape, then a new gutter may be the only true cure.

Pools of water around the foundation could mean that your gutters are not doing the job they are intended to do, and instead of sending water away from your house they are allowing it to drip down below. If this is happening, you are at risk of water damage to your foundation.

Flooded or mildewed basements are common signs that your gutters need to be cleaned, adjusted, repaired or replaced. If your basement is wet or damp after a storm, it is highly likely that your gutters are not directing the water away from your foundation.


Gutters that are not functioning properly can lead to severe water damage throughout your home, whether it be rotting interior and exterior walls, or foundation issues. Home Value Restoration offers a FREE ESTIMATE/PROPERTY INSPECTION, to determine gutter replacement cost, and to work with you to find the best option to maintain the safety and integrity of your home or property.

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